Health's Angels: Personal Stories About Women's Health

In January 2019, I became the creator and executive producer a live storytelling show called Health's Angels: Personal Stories About Women's Health. I was tired of my health stories getting rejected from other shows for being "too dark and edgy." I wanted to create a space where women can feel liberated, encouraged, and safe to share their health stories on stage in front of a supportive audience. 

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I'm thrilled to say that since January we've had four sold out shows, over 30 storytellers, and amazing help from videographers, photographers, DJs, and artists. We've raised hundreds of dollars for the DC Abortion Fund, HIPS, Yellowhammer Fund, and the DC Dyke March. We've created a strong community of people who want to be more vocal about women's health, and I hope to keep making this community grow bigger and stronger. As the executive producer for this show, I train the storytellers, organize and staff the show, and promote it using our website and social media. 

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