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I'm Jenn Montooth. I'm an Outreach Manager at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) with a focus on public health, genomic medicine and science history. I run the two main social media accounts for NHGRI and the NHGRI Director.


I am passionate about taking complex subjects and breaking them down into an accessible way for everyone. I'm also a storyteller, producer, and writer based in Washington, DC. I graduated with a master's degree in Public History from UMBC where I focused on the Black Power Movement of the 1960's and the 1970's. I'm dedicated to understanding how the public engages with history, how they experience history, and how they construct meaning with the past. My historical writing has been featured in The Washington Post, where I have provided historical context to The Black Power Movement and abortions in the United States


As a queer woman, I have found the importance of storytelling to process my own trauma, and my overall goal in life is to use storytelling as a tool to allow underrepresented communities to feel liberated by sharing their stories and reclaiming their experiences in a supportive environment. I am the co-creator and executive producer of a live storytelling show called Health's Angels: Personal Stories About Women's Health. It’s to give women the opportunity be fearless and proud and uncensored and pissed off. It’s also for the audience to feel less alone and be a part of a bigger community of women who can support each other. It’s a call to action to lift up women’s health stories.

Thanks for visiting my site. Take a look around, and feel free to contact me for any inquiries or just to say hello!